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What is Linux Ubuntu?

Linux Ubuntu is a computer operating system interface. It has a graphical user interface that allows the user to run the computer easily. The Linux Ubuntu GUI is easy to use and understand. Ubuntu sounds rather exotic, almost African in…

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Working with Linux

Started by university student Linus Torvalds when he wanted to have a UNIX-like operating system he could run on his PC, Linux has grown into a major platform used for everything from home computers to:

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Downloading Linux is Easier Than You Think

Downloading Linux is easy, free, legal, safe and fun. Although there are many different Linux downloads, the process is nearly the same for all of them. Before you start a Linux download, keep a few things in mind:

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Red Hat Linux

Why does Red Hat Linux have such an odd name? Why was it the dominant Linux distribution for so long, and why was it split up into two different products? Like many histories, it’s not a matter of what happened,…

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Why host with Linux?

A key option to consider when purchasing web hosting is the web server’s operating system. Hosting customers are typically presented with two choices: Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Most are much more familiar with Windows and will dismiss Linux hosting…

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Windows vs Linux

Once solely the pursuit of PC hobbyists, Linux is experiencing amazing growth as a business operating system. Linux has many benfits, causing IT administrators to weigh all options when considering Windows vs Linux for business. Even though the lines are…

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