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Linux vs. Windows Hosting

1&1’s Windows and Linux hosting options are tried and tested.

First, consider which language you wish to use to build the website. While it is possible to use Perl, MySQL and PHP with Windows, you may find that Linux hosting is a better option for building a website in this manner. If, conversely, you intend to use applications or tools that are specific to Windows, then you may find that the Windows hosting package is the better option for this style. Making this decision before you choose your hosting package is likely to save you lots of time later on.

Linux is considered, by many, to be the best operating system for web servers. Many of the tools it utilises are open source and therefore free to use. This opens a wealth of ready-made and ready-to-use applications to power your website, like discussion boards and blogs. While these applications are available to use on a Windows operating system, many of the products are only available through licensed sources and will introduce additional costs.

Choosing the Windows hosting package will ensure that your website can be easily integrated with Windows applications during the design stage. ASP in particular, will work incredibly well with this hosting package. Additionally, if you wish to utilise a database search facility, then then the Windows hosting package will enable the speedy and simple integration of a database to your website.

MySQL, PHP and Perl languages will work best with the Linux hosting package as Linux is ideal for the types of sites that display information in the guise of data sheets, brochures and newsletters. It is also particularly good for interactive ‘brochure-ware’ sites that use enquiry forms and common e-commerce functions such as on-line purchasing.

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Linux Web Hosting http://www.linux-quebec.org/linux-web-hosting/ http://www.linux-quebec.org/linux-web-hosting/#respond Tue, 25 Jun 2013 09:48:21 +0000 http://www.linux-quebec.org/?p=178 For anyone looking at inexpensive types of web hosting to set up, Linux web hosting is a good option. Linux is also one of the most popular of all operating systems.

Flexibility And Affordability

Linux web hosting is favoured by many because of its flexibility, as well as for its affordability. Launched in 1991, Linux was initially designed with Intel based computers in mind. Linux was also notable in its early days because of how it was freely available. Now, it is among the leading types of web operating systems, along with Microsoft, Unix, and Macintosh.

Options Connecting To Your Server

Linux web hosting

Linux web hosting will often offer a variety ways of connecting to your server.

Linux web hosting will often offer a variety ways of connecting to your server. Linux can not only offer FTP access regarding your files, but telnet and ssh access as well. Telnet and SSH allow for web pages to be changed on the web server itself. CGI and Perl will also normally be available on Linux servers.

HTML And Javascript, Databases, Forms, Side Scripts

HTML pages and Javascript can be served by Linux servers, though not all will be able serve FrontPage extensions. For databases, mySQL can be utilized using Linux web hosting, but Access can’t. For creating forms, PHP will be, on most occasions, available for anyone working with Linux web hosting. ColdFusion will also be another option when it comes to server side scripts.

Rivals To Linux Web Hosting

Similar to Linux web hosting is Unix, though because of its cost in setting up it’s not nearly so popular as Linux. Windows is the biggest rival to Linux, and will offer some features that Linux doesn’t, but Linux web hosting is more flexible than Windows web hosting overall.


Security is always a major consideration for anyone thinking of making use of web hosting, and one thing that Linux and Windows have in common is that they are not infallible. However, if good administration is in place then any security issues can be quickly countered. Linux is also seen by many to be less vulnerable than Windows, but this is still factually unproven.

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Try Cloud Web Hosting! It’s worth it! http://www.linux-quebec.org/try-cloud-web-hosting-its-worth-it/ http://www.linux-quebec.org/try-cloud-web-hosting-its-worth-it/#respond Thu, 03 Jan 2013 10:01:28 +0000 http://oneclick.i.biz/instances/www.linux-quebec.org/?p=174 Cloud web hosting is one of the most popular forms of web hosting available to you. It is in high demand and for good reason. Cloud web hosting uses resources from a number of servers in order to provide your online business with more space to accomodate your site’s needs and requirements.

Try Cloud Web Hosting

Try Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting is the ideal solution for those who require more space than you can get from traditional web hosting options. Fast growing businesses will benefit greatly from cloud web hosting as this style of web hosting means that your hosting will grow with the needs of your business. There are less fixed limits of resources. Cloud web hosting is part of a revolution in data storage, with many businesses turning to cloud web hosting as their ideal solution.

It’s the economic option too – you only need to pay for your exact cloud web hosting needs, rather than having to make estimates of what you think you will need.

There are different cloud web hosting options to choose from including public, private and hybrid options. Public web hosting is your traditional general option with resources publicly available across the internet. Private web hosting is a great option for companies, allowing a private network access to cloud hosting space. It is private as it is usually behind a firewall. This gives companies that great, convenient and economical option of cloud web hosting, with all the advantages of a private network.

The hybrid option is a combination of the two – public and private. This option offers regulated use of the hosting services but with the cost effective model of public cloud web hosting.

Whatever your business needs, this is an ideal web hosting choice, maximising the use of resources and utilising cutting edge web hosting technology to help your business grow online.

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